Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts program consists of four classes.

In Culinary 1, we learn the essentials of working in the culinary field. We learn about safety and sanitation, how to measure and read recipes. We cook once a week using recipes we can finish in a class period.

In Culinary 2, we learn about nutrition, how to effectively use spices and how restaurants come up with the food we serve.  We do an extensive menu project which allows the students to be creative with their ideas.  Students are allowed to look up recipes using a “key flavor, spice, or product” each week.

In Culinary 3 and 4, we go over management skills and study for the Serv Safe Management exam.  Students can earn a pink cord by taking at least three years of high school culinary and passing this test.  Students get to pick their own recipes each week.

In the 2017-2018 year we are going to focus on the Baking and Pastry track so we will be cooking more elaborate recipes and selling them to the staff.   There is a possibility of a culinary OJT program for 2017/2018 school year so students can focus on job placement in the culinary field and be a liaison between local food service establishments and the school.

We have many guest speakers from culinary schools and professionals in the business.  We also go on at least one field trip per year so the students can get hands on experience at a culinary school.

Courses Offered

  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II
  • Culinary Arts III
  • Culinary Arts IV


Michael McKinney