Students in AHS’ debate program develop beginning awareness, understanding, and application of language arts as it applies to oral communication concepts and strategies for public debate in a variety of given settings.  Students will deliver and analyze arguments in various formats, such as Lincoln-Douglas, team, and extemporaneous.

Students also learn to delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in an oral or written text by citing specific text evidence, assessing the validity of the evidence and soundness of the reasoning, determining the sufficiency of evidence for success, recognizing when irrelevant evidence or faulty reasoning is introduced, and demonstrating appropriate formal and informal public speaking techniques for audience, purpose, and occasion.

This year, the AHS Debate Team competed in debate events throughout central Florida.  In February, the team competed in the Florida Forensic League’s Regional Tournament held in Trinity Prep School in Orlando.  The team qualified to compete in the Florida Novice State Tournament, which will be held in Miami in late April.

The team also competes in the Central Florida Debate Initiative’s monthly competitions.

Courses Offered

The 2016-2017 AHS Debate Team
  • Debate 1
  • AP Seminar