Hall of Fame

The Auburndale High School Hall of Fame is a tribute to our alumni and faculty who, through commitment and dedication, have attained exceptional personal or professional achievements and have made significant contributions in either their careers, community, nation and/or world.

The Hall of Fame provides for a unique opportunity to honor graduates and faculty for outstanding accomplishments. It will also convey these successes to the present and future students and the faculty of their own achievement possibilities. The Hall of Fame provides a visible record of these remarkable individuals and will serve as an inspiration to Auburndale High School students and faculty.

Colonel Baker Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Auburndale Graduate from 1984

Colonel Baker’s Speech at the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony from Polk County Public Schools on Vimeo.

Hall of Fame Nomination Process (2023 information):

Nomination forms are available to anyone wishing to nominate a person who has brought great credit to Auburndale High School. Candidates should have distinguished themselves through their accomplishments or service in the arts, business, technology, education, public service, or other profession. Nomination forms are available at this link: Hall of Fame Application 2023. Applications may be personally delivered or mailed to Auburndale High School, 1 Bloodhound Trail, Auburndale, FL, 33823. Applications may also be scanned and emailed to lisa.provino@polk-fl.net. All nominations must be received by the AHS Selection Committee no later than Friday, March 3, 2023. Inductees will be determined and invitations will be mailed to Honorees the following week. The recognition event will be held on March 30, 2023. In addition to recognizing our Hall of Fame inductees, the top 20 students in each class, based on their cumulative GPA as of the 3rd grading period, will be honored and presented with academic letters.

Nomination Criteria:

The following criteria is provided for guidance in submitting nominations:

  1. The Nominee must be either:
    • A graduate of Auburndale High School for at least 10 years.
    • A past/present faculty member
  2. The Nominee must have distinguished him/herself in their chosen career or profession by significant accomplishments or remarkable achievements on a local, state, national or international basis (known as “Success Model”).
  3. The Nominee must demonstrate outstanding personal integrity and be recognized and well-respected by his/her colleagues, peers or the general public (known as “Role Model”).
  4. The Nominee must display personal attitudes consistent with the ethics and beliefs that reflect the philosophy of Auburndale High School.

Nominees may be either living or deceased. * Nominees not selected for induction in a given year remain in nomination status for 5 years.

Nomination Application

Hall of Fame Inductees


David Byrd

Class of 1971; former AHS faculty

Col. Kevin Robbins

Class of 1983


Michael Coe

Class of 1994

George Kirkland

Class of 1968


Kim Scheffler

Class of 1986


Susan Copeland

Class of 1984

Eric Robinson

Class of 1990


Guy Jennings

Boys Soccer Coach


Dr. Kenneth Hodges

Class of 1990


Dr. Jessica Pryce

Class of 2003


Dr. Chris Whaley

Class of 1972

Patricia Trejo

Class of 1995

Dr. Kathleen C. Lopez

Class of 1992


Ernest Bostelman, Jr.


Richard A. (Dick) Brown

Class of 1960


Robert J. (Bob) Hartley

Class of 1972

Julie Knapp Jennings

Class of 1985


Paul D. Green

Class of 1973

Lt. Col. James A. Conley

Class of 1992


Patricia H. Butler

Faculty 26+ years!

Robert Stackhouse

Class of 1960


CSM Jack La Don Clark, Jr.

Class of 1971

Karen Pixley

Class of 1975

Cynthia Andrews Price

Class of 1970


Bobby Braddock

Class of 1958

Earnest Mercer

Class of 1950

Karol Sir

Faculty Member since 1982


Joseph A. Parrish

Class of 1961; Former Faculty

Tommy L. Ray

Class of 1970


Peter B. (Pete) Davidsen

Kenneth Harrison

Class of 1972; Faculty Member for 36 Years


Wilmer Thomas “Tommy” Bowman


Dr. William E Sterling, Jr.

Class of 1967


Otis Boggs

Class of 1937

Sanford Meeks

Class of 1986


Iris Boland Abernathy

Faculty (23 years)

Colonel Timothy E. Lynn

Class of 1974

Charysse Wiley O’Donnell

Class of 1983


Major James E. Baker, Jr.

Class of 1984

William Walton Vaughan, PH.D.

Class of 1948


J. Darrell Kirkland

Class of 1971

Clarence W. Hardiman Ph. D.

Class of 1944

Richard Lee “Dick” Myers

Faculty (24 years)


Billy B. Turner

Class of 1956

Teresa R. Williford

Class of 1982

Eddie L. Hughes

Class of 1967

Walter H. Hudson

Class of 1952


Mary Dunson

Faculty (35 years)

C. Fred Jones

Class of 1948

Dr. Lynn M. Berringer

Class of 1970

Dr. Henry M. Haire

Class of 1961


Dr. Michael L. Washington

Class of 1987

Robert R. (Bobby) Green

Class of 1976

Marvin H. Wiley

Marvin H. Wiley

Dr. Edward Dobson

Class of 1957

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