600s Building/HDTV

The HDTV building was opened in 1983.  It originally housed the drafting and woodshop programs.  It was originally around 6,000 square feet and contained a drafting room, offices, project storage rooms, storage rooms for lumber, a finishing room, and sections for sheet metal working and welding.  (Auburndale Star, 11/25/82)  In 2008, woodshop was closed and the industral arts classes were moved to the extension in the North Campus building.  From 2008-2012, the building was used for storage and as a temporary media center while the North Campus library was being redone.  The interior was gutted and turned into a state-of-the-art TV center for the HDTV classes in 2011, including a studio, control rooms, and classroom.  Prior to this, HDTV had been housed in two classrooms down in North Campus.

Construction on the south side of the building, 1983. The window for the furnace in the shop is visible. This has now been covered up.
Outside HDTV, 1986
A student outside the (now) HDTV building, 1986
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