Tracy McGrady Gymnasium

Original Auburndale "A" at center court, 1970
The original center court Auburndale “A”

The Auburndale High School gymnasium was named for the former Bloodhound basketball standout and NBA Hall of Famer, Tracy McGrady, in January 2004.  Built in 1966, it allowed for indoor sports to be played on campus, as prior to that the high school had to use the gym of the nearby junior high school.  It originally had an open front with a drive through underpass attached.  In 2010, the classrooms in the front area of the gym were shuttered to create a large lobby, concession stand, and trophy display area.

Aside from paint color, the interior of the gym itself has changed very little in fifty years.  It is inside these four walls where students have been pointing to Lake Ariana as they sing the alma mater, proudly displayed on the east wall since the early 1970s.  The year 1987 saw work on the back northeast corner of the gym, with a 5300 square foot addition placed housing a wrestling room, weightroom, offices, and storage.

Original Ag building during its construction, 1966

Situated between the Ag building and the gym is a PE locker room suite, which was built out around the foundation of the original Ag building (built in 1966) in 2001.  The original brickwork can be seen on interior walls inside the locker rooms.

The Dunson-Winsett PE Building was completed in 2003, named for former AHS PE teachers Mary Dunson (40 years teaching) and Betty Lou Winsett (33 years teaching).  It includes girls’ locker rooms and a dance classroom.

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